About Breez Dental

Dr. Sebree, Dr. Josh Badall, and their team are eager to listen to your needs and concerns and present you with a variety of dental procedures to help you reach your oral health goals. Through decades of industry experience, Breez Dental is strategically setup to offer nearly all general dentistry services through brand new equipment, providing you with the convenience and simplicity you deserve in one dental practice. Focused on quality rather than quantity, Breez Dental aims to serve you at the highest level through its streamlined processes and modern practices. We hope you’ll consider us for your next appointment and look forward to welcoming you in!

Comfortable and relaxed

Noise-canceling headphones Ceiling-mounted TV’s
Individualized patient entertainment
Eye Masks
Neck pillows
Sedation Dentistry
About Breez Dental
As soon as you walk through the doors, you’ll notice a peaceful and calming environment that’s setup to welcome you in for your appointment. In fact, the owners of Breez Dental spent countless hours strategically designing the practice to cater to those who may feel anxious or nervous about their dental appointment, down to the very scents you’ll smell throughout the space. And, to top it all off each patient has the option to utilize any of the following amenities during their dental procedure.

Mild to severe, just about everyone suffers from dental phobia or dental anxiety to some extent. It’s not uncommon to feel nervous about your dental visit, or simply not know what to expect, especially if it’s your first time. At Breez Dental, our professional team understands how difficult and stressful the whole process can be, so our goal is to ensure you’re able to unwind and make yourself comfortable during every aspect of our time together.